Outputs and Results

The overall goal is to create an umbrella organisation that gives participating businesses a package of benefits including access to an established scientific tourism brand and identity, a website where they can market and sell their products, access to transnational promotional campaigns, a supportive network of businesses offering similar products, as well as access to guidelines reflecting all the expertise gained throughout the course of the project.


Output: Scientific Tourism Guidelines publication

The guidelines will act as a to-do guide on how to develop scientific tourism products, intended to support entrepreneurs who want to either create new scientific tourism products or incorporate scientific education into existing ones. They will include:


  • A chapter reviewing scientific tourism concepts and trends
  • A chapter outlining four 'model products' developed by the project consortium
  • A chapter detailing the development of the new scientific tourism products developed by SMEs 



Output: New scientific tourism products

Partners will work with SMEs to develop at least two new scientific tourism products per company. This process will be closely documented and the products will be tested. It is anticipated that at least 20 new products will be created. Project partners will also encourage business clustering, whereby scientific tourism businesses partner with other local businesses such as accommodation and food providers to offer visitors a packaged experience.


Output: Training materials

This will consist of a series of lectures and supporting material aimed at potential SCITOUR entrepreneurs and published on the website.


Output: A brand identity for the SCITOUR network

The project will develop a SCITOUR brand identity and logo to help market the concept, network and products. It will be available for the use of any tourism businesses who join the SCITOUR network. This will use the brand name 'Wonder Seekers.' 


Output: Project and concept launch events

The SCITOUR concept will be presented and promoted at a project launch event intended to raise awareness of the project and the development of the SCITOUR concept, objectives and activities. This will also be used to elicit feedback from target groups and stakeholders.

The SCITOUR conference will take place near the end of the project and involve project partners and stakeholders. This will launch the concept, network and website. The Scientific Tourism Guidelines will also be issued at this conference.


Output: A pilot network of SCITOUR businesses

The SCITOUR project will take advantage of the existence of an informal network of existing businesses in Iceland who offer educational products focused on glaciology, geology, geothermal heat, volcanism and earthquakes. This will be developed into a formal network supported by a digital platform, which will provide information and support materials and provide an online space for discussion and knowledge exchange. The aim is to create a positive and supportive environment where related businesses can interact and collaborate. This will provide a model that can be extended worldwide.


Output: SCITOUR website

The project will develop a website under the umbrella of the SCITOUR brand, This will both promote the SCITOUR concept and provide a platform for businesses to market their scientific tourism products, including details of how to book and buy these products. 


Output: Digital marketing campaign

A transnational digital marketing campaign will promote the SCITOUR concept and the new scientific tourism products and businesses. It will use dedicated social media channels as well as accounts on sharing economy platforms such as Airbnb Online Experiences.