The SCITOUR project

Explore and learn through scientific tourism

The SCITOUR project is now formally finished. To learn more about what we achieved visit our website at

Though the project is over the work continues and we are still interested in working with scientific tourism businesses. There are several ways you can continue to engage with us.

- Visit and consider creating a business profile.

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- Contact Project Manager Ari Laakso at ari.laakso{at}    


Scientific Tourism (SCITOUR) is a development project aiming at creating a new technology-based tourism concept combining science and tourism. The scientific tourism products created through the project will be promoted using the brand name 'Wonder Seekers.'

The main goal of the project is to support and to expand the possibilities for small tourism operators inside the NPA programme region to increase their market reach. The project is also exploring new innovative ways of carrying science communication to people visiting new destinations. 

To achieve these goals, a packaged service will be developed, including SCITOUR guidelines, a SCITOUR brand and marketing strategy, tested SCITOUR model products and a digital platform for both sales and marketing as well as general information about the SCITOUR concept. The project will also develop and pilot a supporting SCITOUR network for tourism entrepreneurs joining and utilising the new concept. The SCITOUR network will function as an umbrella organisation for market outreach activities, information distribution and general network membership management.

Running from May 2020 to June 2022, the project involves five partners and twenty-six associate partners from Iceland, Scotland, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Sweden, Greenland and Norway. The project partners, the University of Lapland, the University of the Highlands and Islands, the University of Iceland and Greenland National Museum will collaborate on five different work packages geared towards accomplishing the main goals of the SCITOUR project.


Ari Laakso- Project Manager

Arctic Centre, University of Lapland


+358 (0) 404844293